Tossman office was originally founded in 1939 by the late Sam Tossman, one of the first professional Loss Adjusters in Israel, and was one of the first loss adjusting and surveying offices in the field of insurance in Israel. From the very beginning of its existence, the office dealt not only with handling losses but also with assessment and surveying. Tossman and Co. office is active since then until this very day and is handling significant losses, surveying large projects and general property surveying, and also, assessing value for insurance and value of property for financial institutes and for the purposes of various transaction of a major part of the leading institutes and companies in the Israeli market and abroad.

Tossman & Co.  works and cooperates with insurers, companies, private and public financial institutes, municipalities etc., entrepreneurs, investment and real estate companies, and also, local insurers and reinsurers – beginning from the start of the insurance field in Israel. Starting from the seventies of the previous century, Tossman & Co. became a private company registered by law today.

Arnon Tossman – a mechanical engineer (B.Sc.), second generation of the company founder, is the president of the company and has over 50 years of experience in the field. The third generation of the loss adjusting profession in the company, Shmuel Tossman – a mechanical engineer (B.Sc.), and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) who works more than 20 years in the field, and, Ron Tossman, who works for more than 10 years in the field, are the current managers of Tossman & Co. The company employs additional experienced engineers and a team of dedicated and supportive managerial staff, as required for a leading business in the field. All workers of the company are full time job employees. Part of the employees are veteran who work in the company many years, some of them even for several decades.

Tossman & Co.  is the exclusive representative in Israel of Crawford & Company  the largest international loss adjusting company in the world for more than 20 years. Tossman & Co.  was chosen to represent Crawford & Company after a process of careful scrutiny and investigation that lasted for approximately 2 years, in which its owners, employers and reputation were examined with   most leading insurers in the market and reinsurers abroad. Only after the end of these investigations, an exclusive representation contract was signed, and, Tossman & Co. was classified as a company with a European standard and was annexed to Crawford’s European representatives, affiliated with Crawford’s Germany and London managements. With those managements, Tossman & Co. has an immediate access and a direct communication with all the managers and experts of Crawford & Europe and the worldwide. We have a constant communication with Crawford representatives and its branches all over the world and we give a professional service via Crawford representatives in most countries of the world. We employ the experts of the technical departments of Crawford as needed – in business, large and complicated enterprises and initiatives, industry, construction etc. – and fully cooperate with them. As the exclusive representative of Crawford in Israel, our company appears as an agreed loss adjuster in international policies of many Multi-National companies including all the fields in the markets in Israel and abroad.

Tossman & Co.  deals with assessment and surveying mainly for insurance purposes in all the branches of the market including (but not only) industry, construction and development (buildings, infrastructures, ports, trains – including the Israeli light train), aviation and aircrafts, hotel industry, Hi-tech, marketing, liabilities of all kinds etc. All that is carried out in Israel and in most countries of the world for international Israeli companies. Among the fields of expertise of Tossman & Co. there are the handling of property losses – fire, water, break-in, losses sustained from natural hazards etc., construction work losses, loss of profit losses which are a result of a mechanical breakdown, deterioration of stocks, damages causing environmental pollution, electronic equipment losses, marine insurance, cyber, and also liability losses such as product liability, Recall, professional liability, employers liability, corporal damage etc. In addition, Tossman & Co. offer surveying services for the purposes of insurance, which include appraisals and establishing sums for insurance and determining risks, surveying of protection measures etc. The company provides these services for insurance purposes and for banks as security for giving credit for the purpose of acquisitions, investments, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions etc. In addition, the company also carries out surveys of risks and protections and liability surveys as per the needs of insurers and reinsurers required when writing insurance coverage and internal use etc. Tossman & Co. carries out IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) surveys.

Fields of Expertise